I'm always on the lookout for deer when I'm driving, especially at night. Those suckers will run right into you and do some serious damage. I can't imagine what a buffalo would do.

The fine folks in Buffalo Gap, Texas - a small town about 160 miles west of Fort Worth-  have to keep one eye out for the near-threatened species.

CBS7 tells us that two bison caused a traffic jam on U.S. Highway 83/84. The rural area never backs up due to the small population.

Danielle Robertson took a video of Taylor County deputies rounding up the buffalo and posted it to her Facebook. When Yahoo posted her video, she wrote, "Of all my accomplishments - I go down in the books for a buffalo video ".

Bison herds used to funnel through the area giving the town its name.

I better look out next time I drive through Dragon Springs.



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