The Texas Panhandle can be a bit dangerous in the spring.

I went back up to North Dakota this past Thanksgiving. Decided to take Highway 83. I hooked up with the highway that goes from the Canadian border down to the Mexican border in Abilene. A very scenic drive for sure, plus you find some odd names for the towns you go through.

One such town was named Canadian, Texas. After traveling all day I decided to hole up in Canadian. I pulled into a hotel. When I asked how much it would be to stay the night, they said, "$140 dollars." I, of course, responded with, "Is that $140 Canadian?"

That was followed by dead silence. Well, no sense of humor and overcharging for a room. Screw you. I'm leaving. And they say Canadians are nice people.

It looks like they tried to overcharge Mother Nature as well, Thursday. Her response was a bit more on the mean side. She tossed a twister down, and I think it got their attention.

Not the first time they pissed her off though. Back in 2015, she spun another twister in their area.

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