If you live in Texas, we all know the heat is scary. Stepping outside during the summer months? Might be easier to actually light yourself on fire wouldn't it?

But thankfully today, we'll be talking something a lot cooler temperatures, and even better? It's helping us get to the season that many enjoy. Some call it fall, but others call it the spooky season.

However, there's a situation that hopefully none of us will never find ourselves in. Otherwise, things would become quite difficult.

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The Temple Mall, But Could You Survive This Scary Situation?

Tik Tok has all kinds of trends to make their way to your "For You" page. One of these is a different situation you must face depending on your birth month. The situation may be easy, slightly difficult, or seemingly impossible.

In one of the videos, March's situation looks...surprisingly familiar doesn't it? Take a simple look at the background of the still image. Yes, we are stuck inside Temple Mall, and chances of making it out aren't the best.

Overall, here's the rundown of what were being placed in:

- You can't walk into any rooms
- You can't look at the lights
- You can't sit down
- Unidentified individuals are following you, and you can't talk to them

Now, overall, this is just very unnerving isn't it? But there's still a chance to make it out ok right? Well the survivability is at 1%.

Well, looks like walking around the Temple Mall in this metaphorical situation isn't the best...

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