Paralyzed Texas veteran Roberto Gonzalez had one last wish as he lay in bed at the Audie L. Murphy Memorial Veterans Hospital in San Antonio. He wanted to see his horses, Ringo and Sugar, before he passed and on Saturday, surrounded by friends and family, the Vietnam vet received his wish.

Gonzalez suffered a life-changing gunshot wound in Vietnam exactly 46 years from Saturday, May 21, 2016, which made him paralyzed. However, it didn't prevent him from making a living by following his passion. He is one of the only registered horse trainers in Texas who is disabled.

His wife, Rosario Gonzalez explained to CNN, "Horses are his life. We've been training and raising horses for 30, 40 years."

When the horses came up to him, he actually opened his eyes

So on Saturday, Gonzalez was wheeled outside of the hospital and while family and friends offered support, he was able to say goodbye to everything he loved.

According to his wife, she saw her husband open his eyes.

“When the horses came up to him, he actually opened his eyes,” Rosario Gonzales said. “They came up to him and I think they were actually kissing him.”