In the wake of being robbed at gunpoint in her friends car at Richland Mall in Waco, Brinna Blaine wanted to share her experience and urges people to lock their doors IMMEDIATELY after entering their vehicle.On Friday night, Blaine was with her friend in his car out in the parking lot in front of the food court. According to her, a man just pulled open the door, got in the car and said he'd shoot them if they didn't give him everything they had.

via Google Maps
via Google Maps

Fortunately, the two remained calm, followed commands from the guy who gestured he a had a gun in his pocket, and were able to make it out of the situation OK. The robber went so far as to say that one of them was going to get shot. But the experience has stuck with her.

We stayed calm and got out of it ok, but it was really terrible. I've been jumping at everything today and my asthma is acting up, but I'm ok. I just want you all to know, so that you can avoid this happening to you.

The moral of the story is to watch your surroundings, lock your doors and be vigilant about your safety. She also suggests not lingering in the parking lot in the late hours of the night.

We're just happy no one was hurt.

The post has been shared well over 1,500 times since the incident and many who have commented have the same view - you should be carrying a gun. That's up to you, the carrier, to decide.

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