The Waco Tea Party was one of several across the country targeted by the IRS, and now they’re taking action.

During a meeting Tuesday night, Waco Tea Party President Toby Marie Walker announced the organization's intentions. Walker said the suit is not about money; rather, it is about pushing the IRS to take responsibility for abusing its power.

Reports of IRS wrongdoing emerged in February of 2012. The bureau apparently sent detailed questionnaires to Tea Party organizations seeking tax exempt status in order to collect data on their political leanings and activities. An audit of the IRS that began in July of 2012 revealed that officials in the Cincinnati, Ohio office acted inappropriately, and conservatives want to know if higher-ups in the IRS, Congress and even the White House knew about the wrong-doing and, if so, why they did nothing to stop it.

Waco Tea Party leaders say they were harassed by a representative of the IRS for two years. Attorneys are working to decide if the Waco Tea Party’s lawsuit will be a class action suit involving other Tea Party organizations or just a Waco suit. News of the suit came after local Tea Party members protested outside the Waco offices of the IRS yesterday at noon.