I can't speak for you, but Wade Bowen was one of the lone bright spots during COVID. Like his compatriots, unable to tour regularly, Wade Bowen found so many ways to connect with so many disillusioned fans.

From regular appearances on tribute shows, singing with The Sequestered Songwriters, and hosting his own virtual show, "Wade's World," he had something special for everyone. Oh, and he released a couple of albums including another very well received  collaborative album with his pal, Randy Rogers.

“While slowing down and reflecting over the past year, I felt a calling to create more uplifting music that would be exciting to incorporate into our shows, since we’re so grateful to be playing live again,” says Bowen.” “There’s a new sense of hope and a new sense of urgency with this music. I’m just so inspired again. Because of that inspiration, it created an opportunity for me to really open my writing brain, and my heart, a lot more. I feel like I’m 25 again, starting my career—it’s almost like a new path, but now I have all the knowledge from the past 20 years. It feels good.”

This week Wade Bowen announced a new album and while he was at it, offered up a tease of the first single. The EP, Where Phones Don’t Work, will be released on Nov. 19th, and his new single “When Love Comes Around,” will be everywhere this Friday (Oct. 22).

Where Phones Don’t Work Track List:
1. Phones Don’t Work (Wad Bowen, Aaron Raitiere, Rhett Akins)
2. Where We Call Home (Wade Bowen, Brad Clawson, Jeremy Bussey)
3. The Last Town In Texas (Wade Bowen, Eric Paslay, Heather Morgan)
4. When Love Comes Around (Wade Bowen, Eric Paslay, Heather Morgan)
5. Trouble Is (Wade Bowen, Steve Earle)
6. Be You (Wade Bowen, Drew Kennedy)
Produced by Paul Moak

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