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Did you know there is a big Texas birthday happening this year? 2023 is the celebrations of 100 years of Texas State Parks. As Texans, we really are spoiled with all the amazing state parks and recreation areas that are right outside our window in the Killeen-Temple area.

So, how do you celebrate 100 years of state parks? How about with a once in a lifetime album by today's most well known Texas artists covering the greatest musical Texans of all time?

The new album "Texas Wild" just dropped their very first track from an upcoming limited edition vinyl album that was produced by Austin music scene giant, Walker Lukens.

Walker Lukens
Getty Images/Canva
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The backstory on how the songs were selected by the artists that collaborated is almost as legendary as the tracks themselves. It takes some real grit to take on the challenge of making a Texas album where artists attempt to give their proper due in covering icons like Selena and Willie Nelson.

One story that is particularly interesting is how one artist that wanted to be part of the project and the band they chose to cover, then asked to join too. These 2 acts weren't the only ones to jump at the opportunity.

So, you have Ryan Bingham doing a cover of The Toadies - Possom Kingdom turn into The Toadies covering Kelly Clarkson - Since You Been Gone

Getty Images/Canva
Getty Images/Canva

You can only listen to the first single, but another is dropping each month through the fall when a limited edition vinyl will be available for purchase. That first single is none other than the National Anthem of San Antonio - (Hey Baby) Que Paso, being covered by Fat Tony and Paul Wall. Check out the full album tracks here.

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