My music has always tried to make an impact on the world, my own little mark -- my one man protest or whatever you want to call it. My music has always tried to make the world a better place. -- Wade Bowen

Hard to believe but, this month marks 15 years of Wade Bowen music. Over the course of a career, spanning six albums, Bowen songs have maintained an integrity and depth. You're not going to hear Wade singing about how great beer is -- although it is the central theme of his and Randy Rogers' annual tour, and I'm fairly certain he does think it's great.

No songs about tailgates, mud, or girls in bikinis in his catalog. But you may hear him sing about a fence line. He's been known to take an eloquent jab at a town too small for it's own good. Even pen an ode to a piece of jewelry, that'll help you figure a girl out -- and yeah, I suppose that girl could be covered in mud, wearing a bikini.

Wade has a way of saying things without reaching up and slapping you in the face with it. Like lingerie, it's open to interpretation and leaves a lil somethin' up to the imagination.

And although he didn't write it, his latest single "Songs About Trucks," feels just like something he would. I asked Wade, who is not known for making huge, sweeping statements, if that's what this song was.

"I think it's somewhat of a statement, it's not in a negative way -- I just think it's kind of a humorous way of saying let's try to about something else, a little bit deeper."

With the so-called "civil war" in country music, and mega-shift we've seen in it the last few years (don't act like you haven't noticed it), Wade's take is one of acceptance, with hints of... Well, you decide.

"There's a crowd for everyone. I think that everyone can find their place in the world and in music... Country music is different more now, than it's ever been and some prefer to be more pop, and some prefer to wear out the trucks and tailgates and things like that -- everything usually comes back full circle."

Be on the lookout, the new music video for "Songs About Trucks," has been shot and should be out anytime.