Sometimes with a state as big as Texas, you might not remember that the state does indeed touch both land and sea. But yes, Texas does indeed a body of water, and that body of water is none other than the Gulf of Mexico.

However, there is something about the color of the water in Texas. It's not a normal color. What is the color you ask?

The color of water in Texas is...brown.

WAIT. Brown?

Yes, you read that right. Texas water isn't the prettiest thing to look at. It might even make some of us somewhat worried to even step foot into the Gulf of Mexico.

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But, there is a reason for the water looking brown. And thankfully, it's just because nature is taking it's course.

The Reason For Brown Water In Texas

Fox 44 reports that the water appears brown due to various rivers and waterways flowing into the Gulf of Mexico. With the water flowing, items like sediment, organic material, and soil join the flowing water. Which in turn, leads to the water appearing to be brown.

Other various factors, like the density of the water, both helps and hinders the appearance of the water. Which look, everybody's thoughts when you see brown water are definitely negative.

But thankfully, Fox 44 says the water isn't harmful, but moreso just unappealing in the looks department. And the farther you go out into the ocean, the less brown the water looks.

So it looks like swimming in the Texas is safe. But sharks don't show up in the waters right..?

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