Residents of the town of Salado, Texas have recently made it know their worries about the water quality. Here's what is known at the time of writing.

Salado's Water Quality Alerts Some In Area

As reported by KCEN, water in Salado has turned to the color yellow, with an odor of rotten eggs. Tasha Decker, a resident of the city told KCEN that this is the first time she's encountered this problem. Decker was quoted by the news organization as saying:

"I don't know who wants to drink that, but it ain't me."

Due to the issue, Decker is using bottled water to brush her teeth for example. As stated by her, It's just, it's killing my paycheck." However, Salado Water Supply Corporation has provided reasoning for the strange water issues.

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Salado Water Supply Corporation Responds To Worries

The General Manager of Salado Water Supply Corporation, Ricky Preston reveals the problem begins at where the water is received from:

"Until the lake clears up and it settles down and the algae bloom is over, it's going continue to do that."

In addition, the Texas Commission on Environment Quality examined the water, and determined it to be safe. However, Decker was unsure it actually is:

"I wish they would just go out to different areas and actually test the water themselves. I'm worried for my kid and worried for my dogs and worried for my cats and we're worried for myself."

As this is a developing story, we will have more information when it becomes available.

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