Last time I went fishing it was a train wreck. My cousins and best friends came to town for a girls weekend and we spent over $80 trying to make sure we all had bait, an extra fishing pole and we all had our fishing licenses. We spent over 45 minutes waiting for this sweet old man at a Texas Wally World to figure out the computer and put our info in. Luckily the 45 minute ordeal that easily could have turned into a couple of hours was cut short, if you can even call it that, by a manager who was able to work the system much faster. We made our way out to an East Texas lake and all we caught was a buzz. I guess it was worth the $80 and the 45 minute wait at Wally World.

When I heard that there are free fishing days I was wondering why on earth we didn't research a little more before all 5 of us went out on a fishing adventure. Now we know for our next fishing expedition. Here are the dates that some of our nearby states have available to go fishing for free, so you don't have to spend $80 and wait 45 minutes to get a fishing license for a day!

Arkansas: June 8-10

Louisiana: June 9-10

Oklahoma: June 2-3

Texas: Only has one free fishing day which lands on June 2nd

If you plan to make a long road trip you can click here to check out all the states free fishing days!

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