Every year in Texas on the first Saturday of June, you can go fishing pretty much anywhere open to the public without a license or endorsement. That means if you live in the Killeen-Temple area, you can put a line in the water on June 3, 2023 on bodies of water like the Leon River, Salado Creek, Nolan Creek in Belton or Harker Heights, and you are perfectly legal that day.

The idea is if you go fishing just one day without any restrictions from the state, you will fall in love with it and end up buying a license. Additionally, the day is used to encourage people who do fish and have a license to invite someone to join them, and share that love with a friend or relative.

I'm not too certain if one day of fishing would turn anyone on so much they go straight to the Texas Parks and Wildlife website and purchase a license. Maybe if they reeled in a ton of fish, and had incredible beginners luck? Be pretty difficult to take a mess of fish, and not get "hooked," right?


That last scenario seems incredibly unlikely though. I mean, they'd call it catching and not fishing if it were that easy. Although, you only need 1 day to catch the biggest fish ever.

When else can you fish without a license in Texas?

All year round if you meet these requirements:

  1. Under 17.
  2. Born before 1931.
  3. Be 65 or older with a Louisiana or Oklahoma fishing license.
  4. Have a diagnosed intellectual disability and meeting outlined criteria.
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There are two other ways.

  1. You are fishing in a state park on waters enclosed completely by the park land. So, the land has to be a pond or lake, and not a river that just runs through the park, unless the whole river is completely within the park's boundaries.
  2. Fishing on private property on waters completely enclosed by the private property. You do have to be invited though, or you would be subject to trespassing

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