Ok, I know that I have always been a bit of a conspiracy theorist, but something about this Jake Owen video has me claiming some serious "Shananagans".

While Jakey-baby was playing to a HUGE crowd over the weekend in Charleston, S.C. before Jason Aldean took the stage, he apparently "accidentally" ripped his jeans and evidently forgot to put on any undies before the show. Yes, I realize that was an honest mistake and trust will get ZERO complaints out of me about it, but Jake was "SO embarrassed" by this that he had to rip off the tee-shirt he was wearing, cover up his rear end and finish out his set topless.

Ladies (and Gentlemen too of course) please let me twist your arms and force you to watch this video of a shirtless Jake Owen running around the stage and singing his hit song, "Eight Second Ride":

Um, yummy.

Now here is where the conspiracy part comes into play.

Is someone trying to tell me that a guy that spends THAT amount of time in the guy and has abs like THIS would HATE for everyone to see him without a shirt on? No sir, sorry. I am just not buying it. that a 12-pack or is Jake Owen just happy to see me? Because I am happy to see that 12-pack!

I personally think Mr. Owen LIKES showing off the goods! Drop the charade Jake...we are on to you. Hey, if I had to open up for Jason Aldean on tour every night, I'd make sure something like this happened ALL THE TIME. Like I said, NO complaints out of me Jake!

Heck fire, Kid Rock performs topless all the time and he sure doesn't have a set of abs like Jake does! I think Jake Owen just needs to OWN IT. I find it a little hard to believe that he most likely has a road crew of 30 people and NONE of them could find and throw him a  tee-shirt?  I'm saying it was a publicity stunt!

And a damned fine one too!