"You Make It Feel Like Christmas" is a track from Gwen Stefani's first full-length Christmas album, which was released on October 6, 2017, by Interscope Records.

Gwen Stefani enlisted the help of her country hit making boyfriend and made the song a duet. This year the dynamic duo released the music video, which has us all laughing and loving the inside look into Blake and Gwen's life.

In the video, you can see poor Blake get terrorized by bugs from the Christmas tree while in the car, and later on realize that they are surrounded by kids during their on-stage performance. Shelton continues to sing even though one of the dancing kids on stage hits him in his family jewels. There is a scene where the couple is having fun making snowmen when Gwen Stefani goes over the top and makes the statue of David (Could this be a joke on Blake? He seemed pretty concerned about the size of the statue if you catch my drift.)

You'll love the playful, hilarious music video!

The song is upbeat and you'll be snapping along, too. The only bad part about the song is that it ends too soon! Can we have more of these feel-good couple duets, please?

Gwen Stefani YouTube
Gwen Stefani YouTube


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