Tyler Childers goes hard. Every single time. Dude is easily one of the most intense country singers going today - watching him perform is sheer greatness. And a lil scary. On Tuesday night (Aug. 6) Childers made his national television debut on The Tonight Show.

Last Friday (Aug 2) Tyler Childers released one of the years most anticipated - and perhaps most important - country albums, Country Squire. The wait was well worth it. Stream it, download it, go see Tyler Childers in concert. Your life will be better for it.

Check out his Tonight Show performance up top.

Tyler Childers, Country Squire Track Listing:

1. “Country Squire”
2. “Bus Route”
3. “Creeker”
4. “Gemini”
5. “House Fire”
6. “Ever Lovin’ Hand”
7. “Peace of Mind”
8. “All Your’n”
9. “Matthew”

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