Being an Uncle is my favorite thing next to playing tunes on the radio. My nieces father always makes these fun videos for those of us spread all over the country working. It's nice to see them and be reminded of home. Thought I'd share this one.

My nieces have been fishing for a few summers now and they are getting pretty good at it! Of course, when you head to the fishing hole with your trusty 'Frozen" fishing rod and "Special Secret Bait" you cant go wrong.

My nieces and I do lots of fun things together, and I'm about to spend a couple days with them for Memorial Day. Our first project will be to catch the carp that got away in the video above. Jayce and Hannie said the secret bait had to contain fish food from their aquarium at home or it would not attract any fish. So, that's what the secret special bait recipe is.  Apparently the carp agrees!

Soon the niecespieces will catch up to both my nephews in Alabama. Both my nieces and nephews are lucky enough to live in areas with a fishing pond just down the street. Makes for some pretty nice visits!

TSM/ W.Adams

Hope y'all are having a great weekend! I didn't get to fish this weekend but I did get to check out this Smokehouse on Wheels at Ribs N Rods! #Texas