I've always been a cut-and-dry guy.  What you see is what you get.  I believe very few things not seen, touched or heard.  I've always shared a hearty chuckle at the expense of the "nut jobs" that say the moon landing was a fake, that aliens exist or that ghosts haunt their homes.  

You've traveled millions of light years to get here, and you still need to use our pay phones? Hmmmmm (Photo by Chris Ware/Keystone Features/Getty Images)

What about you?  Have you sipped (gulped) the kool aid?  You can find pages and pages of nothing but conspiracy theories, which points to two facts:  1.  Conspiracy theories thrive on the internet, and 2.  Conspiracy theorists have a lot of free time on their hands.

One of the newer conspiracy theories out there over the past 20 years is the moon landing being staged by the US to win the space race of the 60s.  Believe it or not, this is the conspiracy I'm most likely to believe.  I don't look at the flag and say it's blowing and therefore fake.  I look at the trouble NASA has in 2013 getting a rocket to Mars on a one-way trip and think to myself, "How could we go to the moon in 1969 when we're struggling to make it to Mars in 2013?".

(Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images for BBC Worldwide)

The Kennedy assassination conspiracy theory came way before my time, and I'll let that one be discussed by those that were around at the time.  Don't talk to me about ghosts or aliens, however.  Nothing will get me to label someone as "nutty" quicker than hearing their ghost story or alien encounter.  Over the years I've accepted numerous challenges from people that swear they know of a haunted house, and each time I awaken refreshed and feeling great after 8 peaceful hours of rest, undisturbed by specters.  I feel the same way about aliens.  If there were aliens with the technology to get here they would've taken over the planet by now.  Wait.... maybe they have!  That's another conspiracy theory that I'm sure is out there.

One conspiracy that I believe completely is the theory of a new world order, in which the extremely wealthy have become the extremely powerful and control the economies of the world.  Except I don't call it a conspiracy theory... I call it life.  The economy would crash tomorrow if even one eccentric billionaire decided to pull his money from the market and hide it in a cave.  We've become a world dominated by a select few, with friends in high places, that can directly impact the entire world just on a whim.

How about you?  Any conspiracy theories rattling around in your brain.  Share them with us on Facebook or below in the comments section.