Part of what I love about working in radio are the people that you meet who are out in the community helping others. Lots of times individuals will call on the radio station for help getting the word out about activities and events that affect families living and working in Bell County.

This week I got a call from Lauren Brown who is Mrs. Bell County 2019. Lauren is part of a team who put together a free event for parents and caretakers and it is coming up Monday night at Harker Heights High School. Doors open at 6:50 pm and the presentation starts at 7 pm.

"Save the Parents, Save the Kids" will be a conversation with Collin Kartchner along with an expert panel. The event will focus on what every parent needs to know about screen time, device use, and social media's impact on your child's wellbeing and safety. We had a chance to speak with Lauren over the telephone for a preview of what will be discussed Monday evening. There are lots and lots of seats at the auditorium so tell a friend and listen to this informative and helpful information. Listen to our full conversation with Mrs. Bell County 2019 below. Kartchner will be speaking at two Killeen schools before the vent in Harker Heights on Monday evening.

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