Today I'm thankful for the weekend. Not the artist, I spelled it correctly. I'm thankful for the end of the week, and more time at home to chill with friends. 

While I absolutely love my job, I'm not currently allowed to go to brunch and shop during working hours. Although the real housewives figured out a way to monetize that experience, so maybe I still have hope.

Hanging out at the radio station during the week is truly awesome. When I move through my day at work, I'm surrounded by entertainers, jokers and music. What's not to love? Well in reality, if I didn't work at the station this is what I would be doing in my free time. So I'm pretty thankful that I do get work in such a great environment, because I spend a lot of time in the studio and behind my desk.

So today, I'm looking forward to spending this fall weekend relaxing with great friends. Maybe I'll have a couple of glasses of wine or try something new. I've really been wanting to try reflexology for about a year. I might just do that. Maybe I'll be thankful for that next week. In the meantime, I hop you enjoy some downtime on your weekend. I will on mine.