Ahh the time of year when you have to have the non-stop family text messages going back and forth deciding who is cooking what and who is bringing the deep fryer. In my family, one main concern is who has the wine and beer stocked and ready to go.

I have considered having "the talk" with my family. I HATE SWEET POTATO CASSEROLE! Why do we still make this dish? There is always so much left over, is it a dessert? Is it a side dish? Who cares, it's horrid. Why do we make the side dishes that people don't absolutely love? Canned cranberry sauce is torture, the kids hate it, most of us just put it on our plate hoping it doesn't touch the turkey and potatoes.

Which dish do you pass along the table and avoid at all costs to end up on your plate? Vote below, if we missed one, add it and let us know!

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