Venomous snakes are a part of Texas livin' sometimes. Here's a few tips to making through a close encounter if you do end up with a poisonous snake bite!


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    Stay calm

    The more you run around and get excited, the faster the venom will effect you.

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    Call for help

    Dial 911. If you can get to an emergency room, do so. If not first responders will know the types of snakes in your area. Most snake bites are not deadly, but getting medical attention immediately is most important. If the snake is poisonous, paramedics will be your best bet.

    Safety Squad TV via youtube
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    Be able to describe the snake

    Take a photo with your phone, or make a note of what the snake looked like. It will be one of the paramedics first questions. Here's a quick video of what your most likely to come across in Texas.

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    Be equiped for the outdoors

    If your gonna be camping or hiking in Texas, you might as well go prepared. A Sawyer Extraction Kit could help save your life. $20 well spent. Easy to find, easy to buy.

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    Preventing snake bites at home

    You didn't go camping or hiking, but you went out to your wood pile and...Yikes! This video has some good quick tips.


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