You can look deep into the soul of a human being by seeing how they behave when they think no one is around.  We find some people are genuinely honest, good people.  We find others that should consider a career in politics.  What about you?  What would you do if you found $20,000 on the ground and no one was around to see it?

I ask this question because we found out about Candace Scott, an unemployed teacher formerly of College Station, found twenty-large in a bag on the side of the road as she returned home.  No one was around.  She could have pocketed the money.  Wasn't her attitude that she was owed something?  She was probably dismissed as a teacher due to budget cuts, and being married to a teacher, money allotted to education is a sensitive (bitter) subject.  Nope, she returned the money.  She returned the money before the bank, whose logo was on the money bag, before they were even open for business for the day.

I've got to say, I'm torn.  I was honestly raised as a decent human being taught to do the right thing.  Doing the right thing and caring for others has given me the label of "tree-hugging, hippy liberal", but in this case... I might go with the money.  Come on!! She doesn't even wait to hear about it on the news?  I admit, if I watched the 5 O'Clock news that evening and saw that the money belonged to an average Joe, I would return the money without a second thought.  If it was a bank transfer to another bank and was covered by insurance, I'd be headed for a tropical vacation, courtesy of Chase Bank.

This brings us to you.  What would you do?