What are the best moves you can make if the $600 unemployment benefit comes to an end?

Congress is currently negotiating another stimulus package that would give individuals, families, and businesses that are struggling because of the coronavirus pandemic some much needed help.

A couple of the scenarios that could happen is Americans will get another $1200 stimulus check if you meet the guidelines, and either continue with the $600 weekly unemployment benefit or possibly less or...well, none at all.  It's all still up in the air.

News 10 shares a report from NerdWallet/Gray News about a few things can you do if you've been receiving the $600 weekly benefit and it goes away.

You want to make sure you continue applying for weekly state unemployment benefits.

Reach out to your creditors to let them know your situation and try and work something out until you get get back on your feet.  Most utility and financial companies will try and work with you.

Keep up with where your money is going.  Make a budget and list out necessary expenses.  Cut back on unnecessary expenses that you don't have to have right now.

Hopefully Congress can get something worked out to extend benefits to those who truly need the help.

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