Texas' iconic burger joint will celebrate the big seven oh this Saturday.

August 8 will mark the 70th anniversary of Harmon Dobson opening up the first Whataburger in Corpus Christi in 1950. The burgers cost 31¢.

51 years later, the 77th Texas Legislature officially recognized Whataburger as a Texas Treasure.

I almost typed "national treasure", which just comes naturally when you've spent your entire life in Texas. Then again, I wouldn't be entirely wrong. Whataburger's expanding into new territories these days and is mostly owned by a Chicago firm. This has rubbed a lot of Texans the wrong way, but I'll remain loyal as long as the food stays great.

If I can still get a mushroom swiss burger, honey butter chicken biscuit, and Dr. Pepper shake at 3 AM after partying way past my bed time, it's all good.

By the way, remember when a guy in San Antonio built a miniature Whataburger restaurant? I just thought of it as I was writing this article. (Pardon my short attention span.)

Anyway, if you want to celebrate their birthday, Whataburger is giving away a free #1 burger when you buy one all this week. You'll have to register online for the offer, though. Get the details here.

For their part, Whataburger is celebrating the milestone by upping their charitable efforts, including scholarships and food assistance.

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