I was very familiar with Whataburger before I even considered moving to Texas. Quite simply, the reputation of the chain was based on fresh ingredients and I like that. The burgers with the fresh lettuce and tomato always tasted crisp and clean.  Those aren't normally adjectives you'd think of when you think of fast food. More like frozen, processed, cardboard…each of those could apply to the usual stuff you get handed to you through a window.

A lot of chains are trying higher quality foods these days, especially the beef. Whataburger has been doing it for decades.  Maybe that's why they beat such aclaimed chains as  FIve Guys, Shake Shack and Steak and Shake, all personal favorites, in a new bracket to determine which chain serves the best burger.  30+ restaurants in all competed.  I don't want to say I'm shocked, but the buzz around some of these places is intense. Still, Texas love their Whataburgers.

Dig the bracket for yourself here.