I was super excited when Whataburger introduced the new Chili-Cheese Whataburger! I wondered if you could get chili cheese with the fries to make the perfect meal. That question has now been answered! The newest seasonal treat – the all-new Whataburger Chili Cheese Fries, is available for a limited time! There is only one way to make it just a little bit better, add some jalapeno and onion as a topping.

Earlier this month, Whataburger added the chili cheeseburger to the menu  The burger includes chili and corn chips on top of two beef patties. and is absolute fire! Since Whataburger now has chili and corn chips on its menu, the next question is, when will you be able to get a Frito Pie at Whataburger?  According to one Whataburger fan page, it is possible.

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Apparently, I wasn't the only one asking for chili cheese fries. Many Whataburger fans were asking for the same thing. “We’re answering the call from Whataburger fans loving the new Chili Cheese Burger and requesting chili cheese fries,” said Rich Scheffler, Whataburger Executive Vice President, and Chief Marketing Officer. “Layering our original-recipe chili and fancy shredded cheddar jack cheese over a bed of Whataburger’s famous crispy fries is taking a tried-and-true favorite to a new, delicious level.”

CHECK OUT THIS WHATABURGER:  Last year, Brandon Cunningham shared his 'cheat day' Whataburger and it was unbelievable.  He ordered the Sweet and Spicy Bacon Burger Meal and added EIGHT MEAT PATTIES, 4 PIECES OF MONTERREY JACK CHEESE, 4 SLICES OF AMERICAN CHEESE, AND 9 PIECES OF BACON! According to the Whataburger APP,  Brandon's burger had a total of 4,450 CALORIES. WHAT-A-BURGER INDEED!  Brandon will continue his OMAD diet and when he drops another 15 pounds, he will challenge himself again.  Oh yeah, see just how much this burger cost! SEE BURGER AND RECEIPT BELOW


Alongside, the all-new chili-cheese Whataburger, two other menu items were introduced last week. The Whataburger Breakfast Bowl features a fresh-baked biscuit, creamy Whataburger gravy, scrambled eggs, two crispy hashbrowns, and Shredded Cheddar Jack cheese with your choice of sausage or bacon. The second menu item added for fall is the Whataburger White Chocolate Raspberry Shake!
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