11 arrests were made in El Paso on Tuesday July 12th in connection with vandalizing the historic Star on the Mountain lights display on Franklin Mountains.  The culprits, 7 adults and 4 minors, ages 16-20, now have a criminal record for deciding to remove several lightbulbs from the display for no apparent reason.

It’s summertime, so why not think of something fun and different to do and then share it! Yes, after the suspects committed the crime, they did what suspects do best nowadays, which is, confess their crimes with all sorts of pictures and evidence for social media. That is how El Paso PD was made aware of the crime. El Paso PD says all of the stolen lightbulbs have been recovered.

The star was built by the El Paso electric company in 1940. It was later expanded in 1946 to make it bigger and shine brighter.

Written by Nhayah Goode

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