Every day, new businesses open in Texas, and some we've never heard of before.

For some, they've been waiting for the new arrival of the place of business for an extended period of time. Others may not have realized there was a new business coming to a certain area. But most of the time, the main question on everybody's mind is, "When will it officially open?"

Yes, the teasing sometimes doesn't the opening date that many look forward to. Which is annoying if you're a fan of whatever they're selling. It could be food, clothing, or some other service. Today, we'll be talking about food of course.

McDonald's is set soft launch a different type of food service, known as CosMc's. But...when is it coming to Texas?

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CosMc's Launching In The Lone Star State, But When?

First, some might be wondering where the name came from. As it turns out, this wasn't a simple space themed name, there's a backstory found in this commercial:

So yea, an ad from the 80s inspired a new by-product from McDonald's. Certainly strange how things work out. But according to CNBC, the menu will drastically different from a standard McDonald's, which you can see here.

But certainly, everybody wants to know, if at all, the new variation of the McDonald's brand will be coming to the Lone Star State. Well, yes it will be!

CNBC reports that of the 10 testing locations, nine will take up residence in Texas. The catch you ask? Well, CNBC says throughout 2024.

So, we'll just have to wait and see where and when these eateries will pop up. Maybe one might come to Central Texas!

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