We're giving out Quack Pack Prizes every morning because you've seen every episode, know everyone's name and their life stories.  But do you really?

Often times on A&E's "Duck Dynasty", you hear brief mentions of how life was in the beginning for Phil Robertson and his family, but how well do you really know patriarch Phil?  Well, we know he's a Godly man, a leader, and one heck of an outdoorsman.  But what else?

If you've watched the show, you may have caught that when Phil went to college at Louisiana Tech, Terry Bradshaw was his back up quarterback.  If you didn't know that, please remove all camo items from your person at this time.  Thank You.

Phil Robertson courtesy of A&E

But did you know he has a Master's Degree and that he was a teacher?  Yep.  But there came a time in his life when he needed to make a change.  Here he is in his own words.

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