I bet this is something disgusting that Big Q hasn't heard about.  They do it in England. It's a bit like arm wrestling but with toes. 

Did I mention they do it at a pub in England?  The village of Fenny Bentley hosted the World Toe Wrestling Championships over the weekend. The sport started back in 1976, when the pub owner was looking for a sport that England could win!  His words not mine.

First the feet are massaged, the toes are inspected, and the rules established. No matter how much I explain it, you have to see it to understand it.



Now you understand?  Okay good.  It's all same sex wrestling, man vs man, woman vs woman.   Three bouts for every match.

This year Nasty Nash took the men's title again, his 12th toe wrestling championship. On the women's side Tracy Tippy Toe was the big winner.  They get a giant foot!




I must say I could not entwine my toes with someone else's, and that isn't the worst of it. Did you see the referee?  He actually has to touch those toes.  EWWWW!