Haters, gonna hate, but as far as I'm concerned, HIMYM wrapped up *perfectly*. (Spoilers, obviously)

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As someone who has been invested in Ted and company for years, over the past seasons, I spent many hours obsessing over how the not so typical sitcom would end. Of course I knew the show was called How I Met Your Mother, but I was always more invested in the relationship between Ted and Robin. Throughout the series, we saw Ted go through many relationships, both good and bad. No matter what happened with the many women that paraded through Ted Mosby's life, the one thing that stayed consistent was his love for Robin. Time after time, we saw him sacrifice his desires in order to make her happy. Whether it was giving his blessing so Barney could propose, or missing a huge job interview so that he could help Robin find her locket, Ted always put Robin first.

That's why I could never understand why so many fans actually supported Robin and Barney together as endgame. Throughout the past few seasons, the writers have shown Ted always being there for Robin, while Barney often just concentrated on himself. In fact, many of Ted's relationships failed due to his never ending love for Robin. Although there were many points in the series that proved things were never truly over between the two, (Marshall never paying up on his bet with Lily, Ted's beach confession, etc) I think the scene below really sums up Ted's feelings towards Robin.


Throughout the series, I had always hoped that Ted and Robin would end up together through some loophole. In fact, I jokingly wished for months that the mother would die in the end so the two could still end up together. (Don't judge me. I was really invested in this relationship!) After seeing that huge speech that Ted made to his crazy ex on the bridge, I was convinced that ending the series any other way wouldn't do the series justice. So many fans were focused on finally seeing Ted meet the mother, that they ignored the point of the whole narrative. As Ted's daughter finally points out in the series finale, The story he has been telling for the past 9 years isn't the story about how he met their mother. The majority of the story is about how he fell in love with Robin. And that doesn't necessarily take away anything that he ended up having with their mom.

The majority of fans on social media, however, had a different reaction. Just search for #HIMYM on Twitter, and you'll see thousands of fans up in arms, accusing writers of undoing the entire point of the series during the finale. I suppose I see where they are coming from, but to me personally, I felt like the ending stayed true to real life. Life throws curve balls, people get divorced and unfortunately sometimes pass away too soon. Just like the mother had two great loves in her life, (the first being her boyfriend who died in 2005), so did Ted. Acting like all those feelings he had long harbored for Robin went away forever would have been an even bigger disservice to fans who have rooted for him throughout the show. I, personally, have never cheered louder for a sitcom than when Ted hoisted that blue french horn in the air.

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