Will state legislators take notice and give in to the will of the people?

I’ve seen many polls over the last few years that show bipartisan support for the legalization of medical marijuana in Texas. And it seems that support for the measure continues to hold firm across the state.

The most recent poll conducted by the Dallas Morning News and the University of Texas at Tyler found that 72 percent of voters in the Lone Star State are in favor of the legalization of medical marijuana, according to Marijuana Moment.

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Overall, 57 percent of Republican voters, 75 percent of Democrats, and 77 percent of Independents back medical cannabis legalization.

However, voters are a little more divided regarding the legalization of recreational marijuana. The poll found that 55 percent of voters support the measure.

Only 43 percent of Republicans are in favor of recreational marijuana while 65 percent of Democrats and 63 percent of Independents support its legalization.

It’s worth pointing out that support for legalized marijuana is actually down from the last poll conducted by the University of Texas at Tyler in May of this year. That poll found 83 percent of Texans in support of the legalization of medical marijuana, with 60 percent of registered voters being in favor of marijuana being legalized for recreational use.

I do believe the day is coming when we will see both medical and recreational marijuana legalized here in Texas. Texans have been flocking to New Mexico to purchase recreational marijuana. Certainly, at some point, legislators will move to keep those dollars in the state.

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