Baylor needs to beat Oklahoma Saturday. They needed to beat them a few weeks ago, but REALLY need to beat them this Saturday.

They had the home game against the Sooners in the bag, but the bag done ripped and them Sooners escaped. Darn, darn.

What makes it even more disheartening is that a win Saturday giving them a 12-1 record might not be enough to make the playoff. Being the number one team in the Big Twelve isn't as cool as it used to be.

There are about a half a dozen of a million scenarios in who can make the playoff after the results of the next few days' games and it doesn't look great for the Bears.

LSU and Georgia play Saturday. If LSU stays perfect, would a two loss Georgia still be ahead of Baylor? Maybe? Can Oregon pull off an upset against Utah? Who knows? Not I.

I hate this whole strength of schedule and better wins deal. I wish it was a little more black and white. That's what I like about sports. But I guess it would be if Baylor just had beat Oklahoma the first time.

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