I'm a huge Dallas Cowboys fan. I love America and love my home state of Texas. So since Dallas missed the playoffs I'm fully invested in the Houston Texans.

Some folks are of the opinion that Cowboys and Texans should be enemies, but that's ridiculous. They rarely play each other and if they were to meet in the postseason it would be in the Super Bowl, how cool would that be?

I base most of my life's decisions on 'Kind of the Hill' logic.

Plus, they are a super fun team to watch. Did you see that final drive in Saturday's wildcard win over the Buffalo Bills? Deshaun Watson is the real deal.

Is there anyone more of a real-life Captain America then J.J. Watt? No, so rooting for the Texans is basically like rooting for your country.

I also like the Saints, they're from our state neighbor to the west, Lousiana (Lee-see-ana), but sadly Drew Brees's crew fell short Sunday in another overtime playoff game.

It's a tough road for Houston if they want to make it all the way, but hey Texas has a shot at the Super Bowl and I'll take low odds over none.

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