Will Ferrell has played too many great fictitious characters throughout the years to even count.  When it comes to playing a real person, however, it really comes down to George W. Bush and Harry Caray.  For one of his final 'Late Show' appearances Monday night with David Letterman, Will Ferrell dusted off one of those two for a great guest spot.

Moving every few years as an Air Force brat, I never had a hometown baseball team.  I grew up with the Cubs as my "hometown" team because of WGN.  I'd watch games all summer long (maybe I should have practiced more instead of just watching the games), and I remember, even at a younger age, noticing Harry's drunkenness when he returned from his radio gig in the 7th inning of each game.

There were a few times I even thought poor Harry was going to fall out of the booth singing in the 7th inning.  Harry would perv out and slur about it being a beautiful day at the ballpark every time the camera panned to a bikini top.  Will Ferrell caught the drunkenness very well, and it was great to see him pull out the impersonation for Letterman.