Looking for something fun to do with your kiddo during Spring Break? Make a date for breakfast and a movie at Cinergy in Copperas Cove.

They'll be serving a French toast breakfast at a special 9 AM screening of the new Disney-Pixar film Onward Thursday, March 12.

Tickets are on sale now at cinergy.com/movie/onward-breakfast-event/ and at the theater located at 402 Constitution Dr, Copperas Cove.

Want to win a pair of tickets? We've got you covered. Just use the form below to send us your contact info so we can let you know if you win. It's as simple as that. You'll also win a card good for an hour of play after the movie courtesy of our friends at Cinergy in Copperas Cove.

Cinergy Entertainment

Check out the trailer for Onward in the video above. I went to see it Saturday night, and I absolutely loved it. It's a wonderful family film that's genuinely funny and full of heart.

Disney/Pixar, YouTube

Here's a quick synopsis: The Lightfoot brothers, Ian (Tom Holland) and Barley (Chris Pratt) live in a world that was once full of magic and adventure. However, magic took time and effort to learn, so people turned to modern conveniences like electricity, cars, and smartphones and forgot about magic entirely.

When the brothers inherit a magical staff from their father, who passed away before Ian was born, they cast a spell to bring dad back for an entire day. However, the spell is botched, and only the bottom half of their father appears. They have less than 24 hours to find a magical gem they'll need to bring him fully back so Ian can meet the father he never knew.

Disney/Pixar, YouTube

Onward works as a family comedy appropriate for all ages, an exciting road trip movie, and a poignant reminder of how easy it can be to take the people we love for granted. It's rated PG for some fantasy violence elements. (Swinging swords at dragons and that sort of stuff.)

I definitely got a strong dose of the feels by the end of Onward, and the half-a-dad gimmick sets up so many hilarious visual gags. There are also tons of fantasy references throughout the movie for all the JRR Tolkien and Dungeons and Dragons geeks out there.

I give the movie 5/5 stars.

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