I haven't been to see a movie in the theater since January, and I've been itching to go. Drive-ins are fun and all, but it's a million degrees outside, and besides, I love being in the A/C with the lights dimmed and the surround sound making the seats rattle. That's a movie!

Thankfully, theaters are starting to reopen with safety protocols in place, and that includes Cinergy in Copperas Cove.

Cinergy Entertainment
Cinergy Entertainment

Cinergy is reopening this Thursday, August 20 with showings of Tax Collector, Unhinged, and, in celebration of its 10th anniversary, Inception. Personally, I'm super excited about that last one. I had such a great time watching Inception the first time in theaters, and I'm looking forward to seeing it on the big screen again. The visuals still hold up.

Of course, one of the big draws of Cinergy is the gaming floor, and that now includes axe throwing.

Yes, you read that correctly: axe throwing.

You can seriously throw axes, and there's an "Axepert" on hand so you don't even need prior experience. What do you usually do while waiting for your movie to start? Grab snacks? Hit the arcade? You can do both at Cinergy, but I'll be hurling hatchets, thank you very much.

It's open to ages 11 and up, so bring the kiddos.

Everything you already loved about Cinergy will be available, including restaurant style food delivered to you in the theater. (Try the funnel cake fries. You won't be sorry.)

Movies are shown in the highest quality with state-of-the-art projectors and an amazing sound system.

I'm tellin' ya, if you didn't get to see Inception during its initial theatrical run, take this opportunity. The visuals are fantastic, and the sound design is top-notch.

Get all the info you need on Cinergy's website, and keep an eye out for more movies coming soon, including the New Mutants movie we've been waiting forever to get a look at.

Check out the trailers for this week's attractions below, and eat, drink, and be movied!

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