I'm sure we won't have no "Red Wedding" this Winter, but you can never really tell when some spoiled brat is going to cut off your daddy's head, so keep your long swords close. But the Farmers Almanac says you might want to leave the coat in the car, or carriage as it were.

For the Texas/Oklahoma region, it's going to be on the warm side of life. The precipitation will be below normal, which, after this Summer will be a nice change.

The coldest part of Winter will come in early December to late January and early February. Really? What are the odds? Next the Farmers folks will be predicting that the sun will go down at night, and rise in the morning. Really going out on a limb on this one folks.

It seems April & May will be warmer than normal. Which is going to suck. I refuse to turn on the air conditioner until the last part of May. At least they say it won't be wet, as they predict the rainfall will be normal for that time.

Summer is going to be cooler, with extra rain. And it looks like the rain will continue to be heavy next September and October. Yippee.