As the rest of the country has had to endure record snowfall and freezing temperatures, Texas residents are being spared this winter season with warmer temperatures and fun-filled weekends outdoors. From my personal experience, Texas can get extremely hot during the summer months and knowing I will receive a well-needed break from the hot temperatures during the winter season is a welcome relief. So when winter goes on summer vacation in Texas, I find myself feeling somewhat irritated. For everyone else who has the same appreciation for cooler temperatures as I do, the thought that there is still hope for winter to make a comeback is somewhat reassuring. Until then, we can always support our fellow friends all around the country with unapologetic photographs of winters in the great state of Texas.

Did someone say snow? #TexasWinters -->

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That sunset thoo🏼 #texaswinters

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It's a beautiful day to be a bobcat! #bobcatapproved #texaswinters

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#Christmasleaves #Texaswinters #beautyalongtheway #openmyeyestoseeHim

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Merry Christmas to all my people! #merrychristmas #texmas #texaswinters

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December in Texas

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Ugly toes, happy feet. #lovemybirks #texaswinters

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#whiterocklake #dallas #perfectday #winterintexas  everyone was grabbing the sun

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Winter? What winter? #winterintexas #primetime

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