Even though the spooky season is over in Texas, strange things can still happen.

Just because it isn't Halloween anymore, doesn't mean that weird things stop happening. We've all noticed something unnerving happen recently haven't we? For example, your power may have gone out at an inconvenient time.

While random unexpected things happening are at times frightening, they are simply something that gives us a brief feeling of nervousness. However, did you know that sometimes, people in the past had an idea to fend off those bad feelings.

But what did they use to stop the bad mojo? Something that was recently found in Texas: none other than a "Witch Bottle."

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Wait, What's A Witch Bottle?

According to the Beaumont Enterprise, some cultures believe creating a witch bottle can draw in and trap harmful intentions directed at a person. The individual in question would fill the bottle with a certain item, and use it to keep themselves safe from malicious intentions aimed at them from someone else.

What would they fill it with, you ask?

Unusual items, such as hair or even urine (yuck yuck yuck!). These bottles are considered a relic of the past, and one has recently found its way to the Texas coastline:

Yes, the item you see in the bottom left corner is indeed the magical bottle we've mentioned. But, if you ever find a witch bottle, take head of this warning.

Those bottles have some...rather disgusting items in them, so opening them isn't the best idea. Plus the smell...might not be the best either...

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