We've all experienced various travel delays. Not only are they out of our control sometimes, they can just simply test our patience right? Nobody likes being stuck in one place for longer than expected.

Sometimes it's weather, and other times the plane itself has an issue. Heck, even waiting for the crew to get to the plane is something that could happen due to technical issues. But let's go back and talk about the plane issues we mentioned.

What happens when something inside the plane is spilled, and no one helps clean it up? One flight on Southwest Airlines ran into that exact issue, and it involved a food item.

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Rice Stops Plane Before It Takes Flight

Yes, you read that right, a flight that was headed to Houston, Texas was held up due to a rice spill. KHOU 11 reports that while boarding for a flight from Atlanta to Houston, rice ended up in the aisle of the plane. Due to the unkemptness of the one passenger, a flight attendant made it their mission to find the culprit.

One traveler on the plane interviewed by described the situation that caused an hour delay:

So thankfully, the passengers and crew went airborne, but the culprit was never found. Which is pretty sad, because come on, at least clean up after yourself people!

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