Legendary performer Tim Reid was a guest of honor at this year's Bell County Comic Con, and his Q&A panel with News 10's Pete Sousa and Ke'Sha Lopez was entertaining and enthralling.

Reid played Venus Flytrap on the sitcom classic WKRP in Cincinnati. He talked about the cast and crew's battles with executives when the show sought to explore then-controversial topics such as the Vietnam War and the 1978 The Who concert disaster at Cincinnati's Riverfront Coliseum.

One of the best moments (in my humble opinion) was Reid recollecting the night he decided to commit to becoming a comedian. It involved sneaking into a Richard Pryor show and making a promise to himself that took a decade to fulfill.

Reid has appeared in other shows since WKRP, including Simon & Simon and a show he created for CBS titled Frank's Place. People my age most likely remember him from Sister, Sister and That 70's Show.

Recently, Reid's been working with young directors to bring stories about the effects of the African diaspora on cultures around the globe.

Check out the full panel in the video above.

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