A 22-year-old Utah woman recovering from surgery tried to entertain herself by recreating a game of Pac-Man with her hands, but things took a hilariously emotional left turn.

Jenn Packham, who was in a daze after an operation to fix a broken bone at a Salt Lake City hospital, started crying after she decided that the ghost she created with her right hand should have been chasing the Pac-Man she'd made with her left hand.

"'Oh man this is a bad idea. I don't know where to go," Packham said before breaking down in tears.

Luckily the medical worker nearby had a great bedside manner and helped Jenn out.

"Oh, dear, he’s going to turn this way, that’s all," she said as she turned Pac-Man away from danger.

Packham then continued the game with adorable "wakka-wakka" sound effects.