Pringles should just fire whatever PR firm they have representing them because over the last month, they've received more PUBLICITY from folks doing crazy things either with their product or doing crazy things to get their HANDS on them.

If you remember about a week ago, we told you about a Texas woman who was banned from a Wichita Falls Wal-Mart after spending her day doing circles in the parking lot on an electric shopping cart while drinking wine out of a Pringles can.

Now we take you to the epicenter of all things crazy, Florida, for another story involving a prostitute who wanted to exchange "services" for a can of chips.

According to CBS 47 in Jacksonville, a prostitute struck a deal with an unknown man to perform a "sex act" on him in exchange for $5 and a can of Pringles. But apparently the guy was none too pleased with the "act" or "work" of the prostitute and demanded his $5 back before shooting the woman in her shoulder and running off. The woman was taken to a hospital where she is being treated for her injuries while the gun man remains at large.

We don't know exactly WHAT the "act" in question was but you gotta remember that "you get what you pay for". But what's the deal with PRINGLES lately? Those potato chip stacks are causing folks to do some strange things in 2019.