We usually take time out of our day to do a "Stupid Criminal Of The Day."  But this time we have a twist.

A couple from Macungie, Pa. are currently facing serious charges after a wild and crazy police chase that resulted in the theft of not one--but TWO police cars. And a very embarrassed police department.

Blake Bills, 24, and Shayna Sykes, 23, a real-life Bonnie and Clyde (or "Dumb and Dumber," if you prefer) were pulled over on Wednesday morning for a routine traffic stop. But instead of a ticket, they got new cars!  Some cool black and white ones!

During the traffic stop, the two jumped into the officer's cruiser and took off.

But police cars are just like potato chips--you can't just steal one!

According to Deadspin:

"The unidentified Bonnie and Clyde eventually crashed the police car in a neighborhood not far from the bridge and tried to make a run for it. Police were able to apprehend the man, but as they did so, the woman hopped into one of the Philly cop cars and took off again! Resourceful! She struck several other vehicles as cops again gave chase before she was finally caught a few blocks away. "

The couple now face charges in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, including driving under the influence, aggravated assault and theft. Unfortunately "stuuuupid" is not a chargeable offense in those two states...yet.

Hey did I mention they are parents??  Luckily, they left their baby with a relative--hopefully one less inclined to steal cop cars.