As the Covid numbers in Central Texas continue to rise, there’s another crisis Central Texas women are dealing with.

Women are reportedly losing their hair because of this virus. Well, sort of.

Local Salon Owner Says Clients Affected by COVID-19 Are Losing Hair

Waco salon owner Rico Arenas recently spoke with our news partners at KWTX, and said he's seen dozens of clients who are losing hair or have lost it either while they had COVID-19 or were recovering from it.

While Arenas has been able to help some clients embrace new looks and even try wigs as a positive spin on the situation, this is obviously something that would be concern to most women.

Why Are Women Losing Their Hair?

Our Rissa Shaw with KWTX talked to Dr. Katie Fiala from the dermatology department at Baylor Scott and White.

She said women should be patient, and that they are experiencing what’s called Telogen Effluvium.

That means it may not necessarily be COVID that’s making their hair fall out - it’s stress!

She told KWTX:

“Over the past two years of the pandemic, whether or not we suffered from the COVID infection, the stress of jobs, and the uncertainty, and kids in school...just so many different factors, maybe the death of a loved one, or of a loved one being in the hospital and you can’t be there with them, it’s just back-to-back stressful events that our body is going through, so whatever you can do to nurture your body and brain and find rest and joy and try to eat healthy and drink lots of water, all those things are super important as we enter into another year of the pandemic.”

How Can Women Prevent This From Happening?

Dr. Fiala suggests women take a multivitamin and use a conditioner after they wash their hair. She also suggests women not to brush their hair while it’s wet, and to avoid using hair dryers. She hopes that reading this will save people money and prevent them from buying things that promise to make your hair grow. It’s all about relieving yourself of stress.

How to Alleviate Stress From Your Everyday Life

Drink Beer!

Nah, I'm kidding but you are encouraged to drink water, exercise, and relax.

Maybe do a staycation every once in a while at an Airbnb in Killeen or Temple or anywhere in Central Texas, just to exit everyday life and have some time for yourself.

Good luck, ladies!


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