This "World Famous" saloon, that is just three hours from El Paso, has officially closed its doors for good this time.

The World Famous Lost Horse Saloon

The famous bar, located in Marfa, has had a rocky past where it would close and reopen, and as of March of 2023, the bar has closed it's doors for good after twelve years in service due to its operator facing tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid sales and alcohol taxes.

The saloon's owner, Michael Shaddox had taken over the saloon from the original owner Ty Mitchell back in 2020 after Mitchell decided not to reopen the Lost Horse Saloon after COVID forced it to shut down. You can read more about Shaddox taking over the Lost Horse Saloon here.

Shaddox tried as much as he could to keep it open despite pandemic shutdowns, but in the end it might have been just too much to handle. According to the Big Bend Sentinel, the Lost Horse owes the Texas Comptroller’s office $12,252.57 in sales tax, $14,512.60 in mixed beverage sales tax, and $10,018.37 in mixed beverage gross receipts tax.

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Suffice it to say, many were saddened to hear the news.

Anthony Bourdain paid the Lost Horse Saloon a visit back in 2018, before his tragic passing. He got to meet and share a drink with the former owner, Ty Mitchell- who really just wanted a place for people from all walks of life to hang out.

The Lost Horse Saloon looks like it was definitely a fun time, and just a great place for people to hang out at- and many are sad to see it go- however, there are lots of other fun things waiting for you in Marfa.

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