We all have certain things on what to do for New Years Eve; our personal traditions we like to carry out. But suppose you're looking to try something new in El Paso; there's plenty of traditions from around the world that we could start incorporating.

Having an extra feast:

Happy family of four eating traditional Thanksgiving food by the table

In Estonia, it's tradition to feast either 7, 9 or 12 times as they are considered lucky numbers. If you have room from a big Christmas dinner, or you know people who love to cook, then why NOT try this at home?

Cutting an apple to see your fate:

Green apple

If you want to prove you can predict someone's future, you can take this tradition from the Czech Republic. People will cut an apple to see what someone's fate has in store; a star means good luck while a cross means bad luck. Heck if you don't like what your fate is, you can always get another apple & eat the one that gave you bad luck.

Wearing colored underwear:

men underwear isolated on white background,underpants for men

In South America, it's belief that the color of your underwear determines what you will receive in the new year. For both good & bad. For example red means love, pink for happiness & joy, and black underwear brings bad luck. Heck someone of us already do this on a daily basis so this one is an easy one to start making it a tradition.

Another on we can take from Latin countries is...

Burning the old year away:

Burning Dumpster Fire Smoke Pollution Communal Problem

It's a very popular belief that in order to truly get rid of that negative energy, is to burn it. You can write down whatever they want to change... and burn it. It's a way of letting go of what happened that previous year, so you can bring newer positive energy for the new year. While this is one we definitely COULD embrace, might want to be careful on where and WHEN. Last thing you need is for the fire to get out of control...

Fire in an abandoned house
Maxim Petrichuk

Breaking plates:

We've seen people break plates at a Greek wedding, but in Denmark, it's a New Years tradition to break plates for good luck. However while THEY do it on the doors of their loved ones, maybe we can do that somewhere else... like the House of Rage or the Roaring Rage Room. I'm sure they'd LOVE to embrace this tradition.

There's also a very similar tradition in Greece, where people would smash pomegranates for good luck. If you don't mind the clean up, you can pick this one up too.

Enjoying a round doughnut:

Gourmet Homemade Polish Paczki Donuts with Jelly Filling

Now here's one I can REALLY get behind: In certain European countries, it's tradition to enjoy a round filled doughnut (either a berliner or an oliebol) as a way of saying you'll have a financially stable new year. Just like with the previous entry, I'm sure there's plenty of local doughnut shops that would LOVE to embrace this one.

Happy New Year!

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