My parents would always scream and threaten to give us a whoopin' if we ever walked on someone's grass.

Maybe it's because my dad mowed lawns for so long, but the point is we were taught to respect the grass. Respecting the grass means you walk along the sidewalk and in the walkways.

A Virginia man named Bryan Tucker says he is tired of seeing kids walk through his yard.

His solution? An electric fence.

Tucker claims the signs in his front yard didn't deter the kids or the trash they left behind, so he erected the fence to keep them out. According to ABC 13, parents are so frustrated with what this man did they called the police. The man's property is close to a bus stop, which means the jolting fence is just inches away from children.

Tucker took the fence down after he was informed by officials that it was on county property. However, officials have said that Tucker is within his rights to put the fence back up if he keeps it along his property line.

Do you think this man is out of line? Many parents are claiming he is far too extreme and worry about their children's safety. Has the thought of putting up an electric fence ever crossed your mind?

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